V-TOUCH Technology

Sistema de Radio Frecuencia Fraccionado.


V-touch es un sistema de RF que mejora notablemente el aspecto de la piel de manera no invasiva, corrige secuelas de acné y rejuvenece el cutis.

V-touch ha sido desarrollado con la tecnología SVC™, la cual controla la profundidad de la penetración, de la energía.

SVC™ (Switching/Vacuum/Cooling) marca la pauta como la Nueva Generación de Tecnología RF Fraccional.

V-touch with SVC Technology


How SVC™ Works.

SVC™ technology offers groundbreaking advances in the medical aesthetics industry. First, it gives physicians full control in changing the length and depth of the RF pulse, so treatments can be tailored to individual patients needs. A second feature, Smart Heat is generated before each pulse, improving the efficiency as lower energy levels can be used for precision treatments and better results.

More of SVC™’s Innovative Features.

SVC™ features a vacuum technology which ensures proper skin and tip coupling, while stretching the skin. Major benefits include the delivery of equal injury points, the elimination of epidermal burns, and the reduction of pain during treatments, as well as better handling for the practitioner, making it easier to achieve highly reproducible results. SVC™’s cooling feature utilizes advanced TEC technology to prevent burns, reduce pain, and speed up the recovery process. This protection allows for a safer, more comfortable treatment.

Benefits for Physicians.

V-touch delivers unprecedented penetration depth control to physicians, allowing them to determine the desired biological response, all within one device. The ability to choose an ablative or coagulative solution via the use of one system gives practitioners a significant clinical advantage – the ability to customize their treatments according to patients specific needs.

Benefits for Patients.

SVC™ technology provides increased comfort for patients, both during and after treatments. The minimally invasive treatments deliver significantly less pain and reduced downtime, while patients receive outstanding clinical results. Additionally, the risk of PIH (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation) is almost zero, making fractional RF treatments a much more attractive alternative to laser technologies for those patients on the Fitzpatrick scale who are more susceptible to suffering from PIH.

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V-TOUCH Technology

Sistema de Radio Frecuencia Fraccionado. V-touch es un sistema de RF que mejora notablemente el aspecto de la piel de manera no invasiva, corrige secuelas

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